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Dr. Gina's Radio Chat!

Dr .Gina's Radio Chat is Fun! Exciting! And full of laughter! We will keep it real at all times. It is a place where everyone can come express themselves openly their very own perception and experiences. It's a platform of transparency. A talk show of encouragment. Dr. Gina's Radio Chat is safe and every topic is led by God. You never know where it's going to go. For there is nothing we can do without Him. Every opinion, wisdom, knowledge, and experience is appreciated. So get ready! Dr. Gina's Radio Chat will be ready for you! EVERYONE IS WELCOME to join in the conversation! Let's Talk! Dr. Gina's Radio Chat, with Dr. Gina

If you believe.... Your dreams will come true.

JOIN US Wednesday Mornings at:

CST                EST                   PST

10:00             11:00               8:00

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