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Dr. Gina's Corner
Dr.Gina R. Prince

I am a true believer of taking ownership. When you do, your healing begins. God created us to be healed and made whole, because He said it, I believe it. It is my goal to help the people of God live a full lifestyle. We can! and we will! Lovin you, Dr. Gina



Be inspired to be creative! To be the best you can be. God created you in His image, so the best is available for you. Allow yourself to be inspired to be more, to do more creatively. There is much more for you. Lovin you, Dr. Gina


The bible says" by His stripes you are healed and made whole (AMP Isaiah 53:5). Healing is your inheritance. Father has allotted that to you. Live your life trusting God for your deliverance. You are healed! Don't believe any of the lies the enemy tries to tell you. Move forward and don't stop. Your best days are right now. Believe and trust God. Lovin you, Dr. Gina

Feeling broken is one of the heaviest feelings ever. God has called you to be whole. He wants you to live in fullness. There is no lack with God. Your mind, body, and soul, belongs to Him. He created you with purpose. He has Kingdom work for you to do. There is no time like the present, to get your life back. God is ready for you to receive wholeness today. Lovin you, Dr. Gina


 God is always faithful! No matter what is going on in your life, He is in control. Never fear, but know your answer is near. Lovin you, Dr. Gina


I believe we should allow ourselves time to process. We need healing and deliverance from past hurt and pain. When we face all of our fears, we can then fight and win every battle. Join me, so we can go through this journey of healing and wholeness together. Lovin you, Dr. Gina

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Whatever you do.... Have fun!

Its okay to dream and have vision. For the Bible says people perish from lack of vision (Proverbs 28:18). If you have a dream and vision, remember God will execute His plans for your life. Your motivation is to please Him by receiving all that He has for you. God Bless you, Dr.Gina

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