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Dr. Gina

Dr. Gina R. Prince is an ordained Apostle under the direction of the Holy Spirit since July 7, 2004. Since that time, Apostle Prince has joined together with other leaders locally and abroad through prayer and intercession to tear down the kingdom of darkness. As a defender of the gospel, her ministry is one of deliverance, intimacy with God and learning the truth of God's Word. Apostle Prince is a graduate of Word Bible College/MNC, where she has obtained a B.A in Intercession, a M.A in Counseling, and a Ph.D in Theology. She has appeared on the cable show "Celebrate" with Bishop Greg Davis on Total Christian Television. She was interviewed by Esua Davis better known as "C.O." on 96.1FM "The Beat" radio station in Charlotte, NC. She labors in faith regularly with ministries from Michigan to Florida. Apostle Prince is the Author of " Born Into Sin, Transformed Into Destiny" her testimony of how God transformed her life. She was a columnist for for three years. She has branched out into fitness and wellness as well. Health~N~Soul is her avenue of expressing the importance of mind, body, and soul being on one accord. She travels over The Nation inspiring and encouraging the people of God to take ownership, forgive those who have hurt you, and be healed. She believes in God's truth making us free. She has been interviewed by many and loves every open door God allows her to impart the wisdom and knowledge He has given her. If you dare to believe and trust God, I am certain you will receive a touch directly from heaven as the Holy Spirit ministries to you through the vessel of Apostle, Dr. Gina R. Prince.

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